Project Management Technologies

The success of any flooring installation hinges on effective project management. At FLOORX INC, our specialty is simultaneously managing multi-location flooring projects for national companies. We do this by surrounding every account with a dedicated team who then utilizes our web-based, custom developed on-line FIX (FLOORX INC Exchange) Project Management Technology System to capably coordinate and manage the important details of any job.

Our approach to customer service, ability to standardize installation on a national basis, and swift response to issues that arise will ensure a seamless experience for your company.


We deliver consistent pricing and accurate scope of work estimates in a responsive, timely manner. Our Estimating team takes information from scaled floor plans, site measurements, AutoCAD and scanned drawings to calculate all the information required to produce Color-Coded Plans and Project Phasing Plans for flooring installations.

» We're experienced at working within budgets and can help create a flooring program that maximizes every dollar, while reducing costs.

» Using Callidus - - an industry leading floor covering and estimating program - - we produce well-designed color coded finish plans to ensure that flooring is installed correctly the first time.

» When we manage your flooring program we can deliver consistency because we know your space, your finishes, and what you expect every time.

From the minute the project opportunity is sent to Inside Edge, it is entered into our IEX Project Management Technology System and tracked by a specific Job Code. We surround your project with the expertise of an account management team who becomes familiar with your project and is dedicated to keeping it running smoothly and efficiently.

» An Account Team that is always available to provide you with answers to your questions

» The team drives consistency and tracks and manages all the details for you

» The team electronically archives all documents, plans, images related to your project for future reference any time it is needed.

Clearly defined procedures are key to ensuring that each of your flooring installations is performed at the same high level. To standardize your flooring installation, we utilize proprietary documents, like Uniform Labor Practices (ULPs) to specify your unique installation requirements. Along with job site training provided by our Labor Service Managers, the ULP is a guide for our installers to ensure proper installation the first time.

» Out proprietary Uniformed Labor Practices(ULPs) help ensure that every Service Provider performs The installation to your specifications.

» We manage and drive all necessary documentation so you have the details whenever you need them.» Project Completion Notices are standard practice to help ensure quality, consistency and a satisfied onsite customer.

» Project Management tools to provide clear,effective communication between all parties involved in your flooring project, to minimize delays and reduce costly errors or inefficiencies

Our industry leading custom built scheduling system enables real time visibility to every one of your projects. We track every job and communicate daily with you about the materials on order, their shipment and arrival to the project site, to ensure your installations remain on schedule.

» Real time visibility and tracking of hundreds of jobs simultaneously across the country.

» The big picture on any roll-out and the details on every job.

» We order, communicate, and track everything from bundling small ticket items to multiple vendor shipments, customized to you, based on your needs.