Types of Projects

  • Occupied Remodels
  • New Construction
  • Repairs|Refresh
  • New Construction

Occupied Remodels

FLOORX INC excels at seamlessly performing in an owner-occupied remodel. We understand the importance of assuring minimal disruption to your business, while assuring a consistent installation every time.

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New Construction

The key to our seamless project management for new construction is standardized high-quality installation. Our ability to perform project management nationwide shortens the learning curve, resulting in efficiency and cost savings.

Repairs, Refresh, & Restore Programs

We’re dedicated to helping our customers reduce risk and minimize safety hazards by taking care of their repairs and getting it right the first time! We also have the expertise to assist customers who are interested in establishing a special flooring maintenance program to extend the useful life of flooring in their facilities.

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High-Moisture Situations

Moisture-related flooring problems have become one of the most common and costly remodeling and construction issues faced today.

FLOORX INC is experienced at accurately assessing the site situation, exploring your options, weighing business implications, and recommending flooring solutions to mitigate the situation.

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