Moisture Issues With LVT (Case Study 2)

Case Study 2

Moisture Issues with LVT: Who would the manufacturer recommend?

A nationwide drug store chain experiences moisture issues with 99% Relative Humidity in the concrete slab just prior to starting a full store remodel with luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The customer turns to the LVT manufacturer to get a recommendation of who can execute a quick turn-around project providing a 100% warranted solution. The manufacturer recommends FLOORX INC.


The customer contacts FLOORX INC on Thursday afternoon hoping to start the project on Sunday. FLOORX INC coordinates their installation crew in addition to all materials, ride-on demolition machines, grinders, and protection for merchandise. In just 7 consecutive working days the warranted solution is installed and a refreshed store with new LVT is presented to the customer.


One of the nation’s leading drugstore chains

Market Segment:

Drugstore Chain/Retail

Project Type:

High Moisture /LVT Installation/Fixture Moving