Additional Services

As part of our effort to streamline your flooring installation process, FLOORX INC offers several other service options you may need to successfully complete a project while reducing the number of vendors needed.


As your flooring partner, you can count on us to be thorough in everything we do. Given our expertise, much of the time a site assessment is not necessary. However, in situations where accurate floor plans or drawings are not available and we are engaged in an opportunity with you, as part of our normal service offering we may determine that it is wise to inspect the conditions of the job site. This enables us to learn more about the site conditions so that we can anticipate any unforeseen circumstances to be planful and avoid any delays in the successful and smooth completion of your project.

>> Site assessments can be beneficial in:

  • Determining the difficulty of the take-up of existing flooring
  • Determining the presence of moisture and whether mitigation solutions may be needed
  • Assessing the need for fixture moving or “lift” services
  • Making any discoveries that may not appear on the existing floor plans or drawings.

Grout Armor

FLOORX INC can help improve the overall perception of the cleanliness of your facility. Instead of replacing your tile flooring, let FLOORX INC restore it with the Grout Armor™ Color Sealant process. This unique process will restore or change the color of your grout without the use of harmful acids. The grout lines become impervious ensuring a sanitary floor that is more easily maintained. Downtime is minimal and the work can typically be done overnight.

>> Grout Armor may be the right, cost-effective solution to restore grout in a range of facilities/applications, like:

  • Office buildings (in public restroom facilities, for example)
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Fitness centers and schools
  • . . . any where you have ceramic or porcelain tile!

>> Our Grout Armor Sealant Process can:

  • “Right a bad color”
  • Provide increased uniformity in the look of a ceramic floor or porcelain tile
  • Protects the grout and creates an entirely impervious flooring surface
  • Changes the color of older grout to a fresh new color
  • Eliminates odors trapped in the porous grout
  • Keeps out harmful stains, bacteria, dirt, mold and mildew.

If you have stained, dirty, hard to maintain tile, let us help make it look new again with our Grout Armor services. Call FLOORX INC at 1 416 315 9411 to talk with one of our experts and explore all your options.

Concrete Polishing

Our installer network has the capability of performing concrete polishing services if the need exists as part of a job scope. Our Labor team assesses the resources needed to perform on a job-by-job basis. Our FLOORX INC installers own and operate the necessary equipment to perform concrete polishing.

Other Interior Services

If the majority of your project is flooring, but you need minor construction services such as painting, we can help coordinate these services.