Environmental (LEED)

We Can Help You Achieve A Sustainable Flooring Installation

Like many of our customers, you may be evaluating and updating construction practices in favor of more sustainable decisions. At FLOORX INC, we have the experience, product knowledge and service provider network to assist with achieving a sustainable flooring installation.

We can assist with the following steps toward a sustainable flooring installation:

Flooring Materials:

  • Purchase adhesives with no or low VOC’s
  • Resilient flooring purchased is Floor Score Certified and carpet is CRI Green Label Certified.
  • Provide carpet recycling solutions
  • Provide waste reduction programs in the form of flooring recycling programs (i.e. Carpet, VCT, and vinyl recycling programs)
  • Incorporate preventative and ongoing maintenance to prolong product life
  • Moisture solutions to prevent premature failure of flooring ending up in landfills.

Environmentally Preferable Product and Service Offering:

  • Assistance with selecting sustainable flooring products
  • Installation using Low/No VOC adhesives
  • Wall base and sundries w/recycled content
  • Recycling options for old flooring
  • Assistance with product selection for evaluation of LEED criteria
  • Assistance with filing LEED documentation for projects submitted for LEED Certification.

The sustainable choice is often more feasible than you might think. We can help you strike the right balance between sustainability and budget considerations. Whether you are striving to reach your company’s environmental goals or seeking LEED certification on a particular project, we can take you beyond the specification stage to achieve sustainability throughout your entire installation.


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