Fixture Moving

Fixture Moving and Flooring, Combined With Our Expertise

When it comes to fixture moving, one size does NOT fit all. Whether you’re replacing flooring, remodeling stores, or simply reconfiguring shelving, it’s important to work with experts who understand your specific application and have the range of technologies to seamlessly move your fixtures, saving you time and money. Whether your application is in an office space, in a retail environment or for a library, for example, FLOORX INC has the innovative fixture moving equipment and expertise to get the job done quickly, safely and easily.

What’s Unique About FLOORX INC Performing Your Fixture Moving?

We’re a “Turn-key Solution” – We offer the rare “turn-key” combination of performing both flooring and fixture moving so you can have a more seamless experience without having to manage multiple contractors. When we manage more of the process, we can save you time, money and headaches.

  • We own and operate The Gondola Jax™ trolley system — an innovative and proprietary system designed to raise shelving off the floor so it can be rolled away, minimizing the need to disassemble fixtures or unload shelving.
  • We offer expertise — We recognize it’s not enough to own fixture moving equipment, it’s important to have the expertise to assess each unique situation or application in the most time-saving and cost-effective method.
  • We integrate ancillary services — We’re experienced at coordinating any related electrical or low voltage requirements, along with performing fixture moving and installing flooring. Thanks to a powerful data base, we know the capabilities of our nationwide service providers and can coordinate any needed ancillary services.
  • We’re progressive and proactive — As a leader in the flooring and fixture moving industry, we have direct relationships with manufacturing owners and engineers and can develop customized solutions as necessary to address your unique needs. We “push” the industry to continually innovate and upgrade fixture moving equipment and tools.

How It Works

Your shelves can be moved in just a few simple steps! Gondola Jax™ trolleys are safer and easier to use than most available systems and only requires a crew of two per 16’ of shelving.

View the video below to see a demonstration of how easy it is for your fixtures to be moved in just a few simple steps with The Gondola Jax System™!

How You Benefit

  • It’s easy to move fully loaded shelving – The Gondola Jax™ trolley system easily raises shelving off the floor so it can be rolled away. There’s no need to worry about scratching or damaging your floors!
  • Save time and money – Fewer headaches and no hassles. Using a minimal crew, The Gondola Jax™ system safely moves fully loaded fixtures in a fraction of the time required to unload merchandise or break down shelving. Store remodeling and flooring repairs can be done overnight.
  • Versatile applications – The Gondola Jax™ trolleys work with most gondolas/fixtures and pallets/racking.

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