Installation Services

Installation Services

Achieving consistent installation quality on a nationwide basis is challenging, but it’s something we do well and deliver on for hundreds of customers every day. As your project manager for projects across the country, FLOORX INC can drive consistency at every location. We see the big picture, as well as the details.

FLOORX INC is not just a “middle man” adding mark-up to project costs; we’re different. When you work with us, you get the benefit of our buying power, along with competitive pricing and payment terms. We’re accustomed to executing multiple projects at any given time; consequently, we’re well-practiced at finding efficiencies in the flooring installation process to save you time and money. Plus, we offer a warranty and are always here if you should ever have anything that needs to be resolved.

We pride ourselves on knowing your projects inside and out, including how each installation should proceed,how long it should take, and what it should cost. With our team of experts, we ensure appropriate labor pricing, identify material inconsistencies, and otherwise direct each project so that it proceeds as seamlessly as possible.

Nationwide Installation Standards

To standardize your multi-location flooring installations, FLOORX INC creates a customized Uniform Labor Practices (ULP) document which guides the qualified installer on each of your projects. This tool, in addition to a series of other key documents that effectively communicate important details unique to your projects, makes certain the flooring is installed correctly – – the first time and every time – – on your projects.

One Nationwide Network

Our installers are experts (professionals?). And they’re everywhere. FLOORX INC has a network of more than 450 experienced installers along with self-performing, in-house installation crews strategically located throughout the country. This asset gives us the ability to perform flooring installation anywhere in the U.S.


Visible Labor Service Management

Our Labor Service Managers are big believers in“hands-on, on-site” installer training. They proactively share best practices and installation techniques with our installers and are visible on job sites to guarantee that the installation executes smoothly and according to plan.

One Point of Contact

With FLOORX INC as your single-source project manager,you deal directly with us. We, in turn, work with every installer to ensure that your ULP (Uniform Labor Practice) is being followed and that the work is being done to your specifications. If issues arise, we deal with them swiftly,even after hours, often providing solutions at the same time that we apprise you of the problem. Our customers will tell you that we’re there when you need us most.

“The role of the installer will continue to be vital.Anyone who comes up with a creative solution to the chronic shortage of quality installers will be a winner.”

Floor Covering Industry White Paper prepared for NAFCDand NWFA by Indian River Consulting Group