Materials Management & Logistics

As your flooring partner, when we say that we can handle every aspect of the flooring process, this includes careful and experienced management of all the important logistics to help you avoid any delays to the completion of your projects. FLOORX INC has established strong working relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers and distributors. This enables us to get things done on-time and on-budget for you.


For example:

  • We work closely with our customers to understand when they need installation completed in their facilities.
  • We know how long it will take to get the material produced and delivered to your facilities job location.
  • Our vast installer network can receive and hold shipments of material in their warehouse until the job start date and/or can coordinate direct jobsite delivery.
  • We have a pulse on manufacturer’s capabilities and can anticipate and advise of any flooring material delays and proposed “work around” solutions to keep your project moving forward.
  • We assure that the right material is ordered and shipped in the most cost-effective manner and track it to assure that the flooring materials/sundries arrive undamaged to the right job location so your job can remain on schedule.
  • We track the shipment of all material and sundries and follow up to validate everything arrived to the correct job site location to assure that the job can begin on time.
  • As required, we can arrange for responsible disposal of any existing flooring material that is removed.

We make it our business to take your worries away by capably managing all logistics to avoid any delays or additional expense.


The first step in the flooring process is the procurement of materials. Many companies strive to lower costs by reducing the number of parties involved in the material transaction. However, key services must still be performed to get the correct quantity of materials at the best price from the manufacturer’s point of origin to the job site destinations.

FLOORX INC offers four unique approaches to assist you in the sourcing of your flooring materials on a national basis. All three options can potentially reduce your material costs; you simply choose the level of service you desire.

Turnkey Purchasing

With FLOORX INC as your single source supplier negotiating on a national basis, we reduce your number of transactions and can often lower the purchase price of your materials.

Material Management Services

FLOORX INC supports your direct purchase of materials from the manufacturer by providing the required services to ensure that the right quantity of materials is ordered, shipped and delivered on time.

Inventory Management

To complement the direct purchase of your primary flooring products, FLOORX INC procures all other products, warehouses them, then bundles and ships the correct quantity of every material to each job site as scheduled. If needed, we will issue blanket orders to reserve inventory to meet your needs and will track the inventory levels to reorder so there is always sufficient inventory available.

Life Cycle Expertise

We genuinely look out for your best interest and, as your flooring partner, we pride ourselves on anticipating details on behalf of our customers. For example, we will advise on flooring materials that may not stand up to normal wear and tear, even though upon initial install they may look good. We want to help you avoid the expense and hassle of having to pre-maturely replace flooring in your facilities. We have the expertise to discuss and present life cycle costing to you to meet your short-and-long term budget parameters.