Planning, Forecasting, Estimating

Whatever your flooring needs, FLOORX INC has the expertise to guide you through the entire flooring process. We can help you plan your flooring program and provide accurate forecasting. Our estimating technology and expertise eliminate material waste with precision, so you won’t find yourself sitting on wasteful, unnecessary inventory. Our customers know that  we’re product neutral, which means you  can count on us to provide expert advice about what products are best suited for your specific situation and to help you order just the right amount.

  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Contract Estimating

There’s no doubt that to best utilize all of the expertise our FLOORX INC team can lend to your flooring needs, it’s always best for us to become involved early in the planning process. In this scenario, we have the benefit of time which enables us to become intimately familiar with your desired outcome for the project. When time allows us the the opportunity to listen first-hand to your needs relative to scope, timing, budget requirements, etc. , we are able to create the most effective customized approach.

FLOORX INC is always positioned to reference historical data since we archive all of your plans, specs, and construction schedules on our sophisticated, on-line project management system. You can rely on us to help you plan your flooring program; we know where you’ve been, and we want to be a valued partner in getting you where you want to go.

Our company consists of a highly experienced mix of people whose expertise has been honed over the years. Many grew up in the flooring industry or worked directly for the top flooring manufacturers. You can be confident in the insights, knowledge, and practical experience of our team when it comes to accurate forecasting.. As experts, we’ll not only give you the assurance that your flooring products are available when you need them, but we’ll also work to optimize lead times while maintaining reduced inventory levels.

FLOORX INC has one of the best estimating departments in the industry. Whether you’re a flooring manufacturer needing to meet the requirements of a customer or an end user who’d like to involve a third party, we’re ready to e perform with our full line of hourly estimating services .. Estimating is available for all types of flooring including carpet, ceramic, wood, and resilient. Our expert estimators will work with your electronic or paper floor plans to create accurate and timely material quantity estimates and will return them to you in an efficient electronic format.

  • Color-Coded Material Floor Plans
  • Color-Coded Labor Phasing Plans
  • Color-Coded Finish Plans from site measurements
  • Layout & Seam Diagrams
  • Roll Allocation & Cut Sheets
  • Color-Coded Maintenance Frequency Schedules
  • Custom documents
  • Complete material and labor estimating services

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Estimating Services to FLOORX INC

  • Improved Efficiency & Reduced Costs – With our ownership approach, we manage resources and safeguard your budget like it’s our own.
  • Experience that Improves Your Bottom Line – We bring a range of experience. Our Estimating team has a combined 30+ years of estimating experience in the industry. The breadth of their knowledge provides wise perspective, impeccable attention to details, innovative solutions, and expert advice well beyond simply providing accurate quantities.
  • We understand product – We’re a “go-to” resource for manufacturers and customers alike.
  • We catch the details – With years of construction knowledge, combined withflooring “know-how”, we know what’s going on in a job.
  • We anticipate the obstacles – Since we’ve performed hundreds of different types of jobs over the years, we can anticipate obstacles – – even when they may not always be evident in a floor plan. The voice of experience has taught us not to take floor plans at “face value.”
  • We have the expertise to make the complex, simple – especially in situations that involve multiple finishes and patterned areas.